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Music and Poetry Synchronized

Our Mission

Music and Poetry Synchronized (MAPS) teaches 7th through 12th grade students from different geographic, socioeconomic and cultural background to write poetry and music, in preparation for a public concert at the end of the program term. Each MAPS class runs throughout a semester with one group of students creating poetry from their life stories, and the other group uses these poems as lyrics for the songs they write.

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Our Impact

  • 14 years bringing together students from South Hadley, MA to NYC to Hartford, CT to Montpelier, VT, to Puerto Rico
  • 450 student participants in this profoundly positive educational program
  • Noticeable improvements in the poetry students’ test scores and the songwriters’ songwriting skills
  • Build students’ self-confidence through public speaking and performing
  • Create lasting bridges across disparate socio-economic, racial, cultural, gender and geographic backgrounds
  • Work together to dispel stereotypes, fears, and prejudices and create improbable friendships and lasting bonds

Meet the Team

Abbey Brophy


Davinna Thrower


Enid Rey

Board Member

Felix R. Rivera


Ilana Morris

Program Officer

Jack Silverman

Board Member

Jeff Mackler

Board Member/Director of IT
Jenni French headshot

Jenni French

Board Member

Laura Gray


Matthew King


Rahul Roy


Rebecca Calahan Klein

Board Member

Tom Willits

Co-Founder/Board Member/Executive Director

“The music aspect of it is kind of like…pick some chords, throw them together on a keyboard or guitar…then start adding harmonies, and that’s about it. It’s like writing any other song–just with words that aren’t your own.”

Scarlett Feliciano