Who I am

Terrence Wilson

From the city that never sleeps  no wonder the Big Apple is rotten to the core. From the lack sometimes I feel like I have seen so much but haven’t seen enough.I am a kid from the Bronx. I used to think I was like every other but every other kid is different. I used to think ever since I was born, my life was regular or normal. I had to realize there is nothing regular about me. Not saying I’m “different or “unique” but that’s just what it is when it comes to my life.What’s Crazy too you might be Casual for me What’s right too you might feel wrong too me and vice versa. Now I’m going too dig deeper what makes me. My flaws , My struggles , My trials and tribulations. Too an abyss of  My hate ,my fears and “Dark thoughts in my head ‘ ”.All the way to my psychedelic loves and my passions. When I’m able to let go I’m able to do anything and everything when I dont put walls up around me. It’s like unleashing a power that was dormant. Once is open it can never be resealed. Im unstoppable and anythings possible. Theres alot of ways i perceive things. Life is a Vivid picture I just sometimes gotta be colorblind too.This is just a brief introduction to the mind and mental of Terrence Wilson