What We Do

What We Do

The MAPS program is structured to teach students a combination of skills. MAPS classes help students:

  • write in-depth, expressive poetry and music with well conceived structure.
  • access their emotional selves in order to find “the truth” in their works of art.
  • cooperate with one another, crossing over racial, geographic, and socio-economic divisions.


  • bolster their self-confidence through writing, public speaking and performing.
  • use the arts to tap their life stories, inner melodies, and narratives that often go unheard.
  • improve English testing scores and public speaking skills.
  • improve songwriting, musical expression and performance skills.

This learning experience also includes more expansive life lessons and cooperations that are accomplished by:

  • choosing concert locations that allow students of the two different art disciplines to experience both rural and urban settings.
  • working together across different schools and after school programs to accomplish a finished musical project.
  • bringing diverse cultures and ethnicities together to share experiences and combine efforts resulting in a successful project conclusion.

MAPS helps prepare students to be open-minded, enlightened, and forward thinking, through a once-in-a-lifetime artistic educational experience that:

educates students through the arts;

expands student’s life knowledge through exposure to diversity;

makes confidence-building memories that last a lifetime;

avails the students of valuable lessons about tolerance, acceptance, teamwork, and the power of art.

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