Suhailly Vega
Grade: 12

Puerto Ricans are different from the rest.
We sing and dance and give our best.
From “bomba” to “plena” to “salsa” and “reggaeton”,
We dance all day till we can’t feel our bones.

The island is small, but yet so big.
Everyone in the world knows what we the people did.
In July 26, the governor resigned
He answered our claims because he knew he was out of line.

From Residente to Ricky Martin and then to Bad Bunny,
they came to the island to let the world know the chat wasn’t funny.
They marched and marched even if it rained,
they fought for respect until it was obtained.

He asked for forgiveness and if he could stay,
but the people were fed up and marched for days.
You could feel our vibes when you walked out on the streets,
but after all the ending was bittersweet.