Tom has been an educator, musician, songwriter, producer, recording artist, performer, business owner, and philanthropist.  From 1977 – 2011 he has been a music and songwriting teacher conducting private, in-school, after school and summer instruction; his primary instruments are vocals, guitar and piano.  He recorded and performed Keep the Faith, One Dime To My Name, Yours Are The Arms, Fool If You Want Me, Everything You Do; Wrote music for films, One Strike You’re Out and Valet Girls and the complete musical score for the dance performance, Spark; He worked with artists such as Billy Joel, Aerosmith, Regina, Denise Lopez, Debbie Gibson, Reimy, Human Radio, Jonathan Edwards, and The Fabulous Heavyweights. He founded and operated Wild Card Entertainment, a full-service performance booking agency and music management company and was a co-owner and operator of the NYC based Broadbeard Productions, a music publishing, recording, production and management company. While teaching songwriting at Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter School, (2004 – 2014) he co-founded Music and Poetry Synchronized (MAPS), a joint arts education program with Urban Assembly School for Green Careers/Innovations Diploma Plus now in its 14th year. Tom also co-founded MRW Connected, Inc., a 15-year-old full service web development company, and served as President until 2018.  Tom also serves as a trustee of the Lydia B. Stokes Foundation.