The Union Prevails

Leandra Lugo Soto
Grade: 11

It was a mournful morning,
devastation took its toll.
Tempestuous and ferocious,
she was an unwanted visitor.

Water falls of tears,
deteriorate hearts.
Broken homes, broken lives.
Oh, what a nightmare was about to start.

The Poor eating breadcrumbs,
Government holding by supplies.
Ten hours making a line,
just to get a little of gasoline.

No thoughts in my head,
only thinking about the dead.
Sixty-four deaths, They say?
I’m sure just counting the ones in Cayey.

The Government keeps lying,
even in these difficult times!
Two thousand nine hundred and seventy-five!
Is the real number that did not survive.

Union overflowed our community,
as sand abounds on our beaches.
Unity entered our hearts,
as Colon entered Borinken