The Golden Coqui

Johnnaira Pérez Talavera
Grade: 11-1

Happy and free,
filled with glee.
Jumping around from
tree to tree.

In El Yunque,
my home,
I’m as happy
as can be.

Been here for centuries.
My heart is of Gold
and the Tainos praised
my caramel figure as so.

Tiny body with a mighty sound.
Singing a song
to my Puerto Rican people
all around.

Bachata, Salsa and Merengue
you can hear
when I speak
and Bomba is definitely
my easiest feat.

Do not fear Puerto Rico;
I’m not gone!
Although endangered I am,
I will keep bringing joy
wherever I stand.

at night
hear my music
Co-kee! Co-kee!