Suffocation of the heart

la-Dejah Fowler

Suffocation of the heart
Suffocation of the soul
Suffocation of the mind

Can’t breathe, cant see, i’m going blind

My heart’s on fire

The flames soak up my blood, soak up my love
Like a sponge

With holes, veins that lead to your brain explode in the
Mist of the flames

Pain, bruises, dead roses

Poses of anger, strife strikes
They make with a knife

My throat is tight

They don’t even value their lives

Their lives are just as important as mine

They don’t have an abundant amount of time

This demonic horrible
world full of hatred
Is constantly trying to drown me in its love

But all it takes is a gentle tug
of his finger

For him to pour
The love in his heart
He makes into holy spirit

He sprinkles it down on me like glitter

The fragments remain
And stain
My heart so i never forget what’s he’s done for me
Gave his son for me
Nailed on a stake
Thorns pierced through his brain For me

Whipped, cut, bruised, scrubbed for me

But there is no way
I can repay him
For what he’s done for me


He takes my hand and holds it tight

I speak to him in the midst of the stars of the night

He brings life
And fills my mind with dreams
Dreams he makes into reality
He wipes the demons of this world clean

To him i owe
To him i love

Saves me from the smoke
And fills my mind with the thoughts and glories
Of the heavens above