Media (videos/audio)

Welcome to the Maps Media page! Maps is all about bringing both musicians and poets together to create new and original songs. Here you can check out the different Maps performances, both through video. Be sure to check in on a regular basis as we will be updating this page adding more media from past years!

Another exciting MAPS program-end concert with poems and songs written by UAGC and PVPA students and performed in February 2018 in NYC!

Here’s the latest MAPS poems and songs written in 2016/17 and performed at UAGC February 2017 in NYC!

These songs were created by PVPA and UAGC students and recorded in the PVPA recording studio in June 2015 after the concerts in NYC and MA.



Guardian Angel:

I Am:

What Is Love:

Why I’m Angry:

Here are the two concerts from the MAPS 8 2013!This year Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Public Charter School teamed up with The Urban Assembly School for Green Careers to perform two fantastic concerts!

Check out the 2012 Maps concert! This year the students at Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Public Charter School traveled to Harlem and performed with the poets at the Harlem Mosaic Scholars on May 24,2012.

Take a look at the video from the 2011 Maps concert. This year the Harlem Mosaic Scholars poetry students traveled to Western Massachusetts and performed with the music students at the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Public Charter School on May 26, 2011.