Safe Spaces

Who determines what a safe space is? Safe spaces to me are places where I feel comfortable, where I can be vulnerable, where I can let my guard down. Safe spaces give us a chance to get away, this one little place where we are not constantly fighting. . .


The touch of your hand on my body is like an imprint on my skin

A tattoo

It stings yet still lingers

A feeling that stays like an uninvited guest at your party

“You’re safe here”

I replay those words

They take hold of my body

I didn’t even realize until I was suffocating

Because looks can be deceiving

Now I question everything I see

“You’re safe here”

I hear my heart beating in my chest


Your face is judging


Your hand is sending warning signs to my brain

Stop! No!

Your voice is gripping at my throat daring me to be silent

My body is growing sick

It’s screaming

“Danger! Run!”

We meet eye to eye

You’re searching in mine

for my vulnerability

-Lillian Tate