Puerto Rico is…

Dayanelis Beltran Alvira
Grade: 11

Puerto Rico is music!
“Bomba and plena” plays
and my hips begin to sway,
to the beat of the song
to which my ancestors belong

Puerto Rico is “Navidad”!
“los pasteles y lechon”
with its unique “sazón”,
A family’s tradition passed.
Cherished memories forever last

Puerto Rico is beauty.
Pristine waters and white sands.

Cool river waters, flow from
the majestic mountains to the lowlands.

Puerto Rico is the rich aroma of the morning coffee
The rooster’s crow, “quiquiriqui”
“abuela’s caldito” warming my belly.
And the “coquís” serenading us
with their lovely melody.

Puerto is intricate
It reflects our Caribbean soul
we sing, we dance,
we are passionate
all who visit us know.