Our Grief

Cameron Perch

Mom, are you there?
It’s me, your son
I’ve been crying
Waiting for a response
But getting him instead
I cried a million times
And yet he would answer
Who would’ve thought this was the beginning
Of the end
And yet you never kissed me goodnight
And only god knew why

Mom, are you there?
I need you
Or I’ve needed you
I’ve needed you a million times
Over and over
But it’s just been me and himaw
Alone, looking for help
I can see he needs it
But your not here
If my love could heal
You would still be here
Fighting right by my side

Mom, are you there?
People tell me your gone
They tell me not to grieve
They tell me to push through
They tell me that’s what you’d want
But is that true
My heart aches everyday
With the memories of you
And the fear of losing dad
No one understands the pain
But when we meet again
I’ll have someone who can relate