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Tone and Melody

Why Music?

It is said that music is a universal language that simultaneously unites disparate peoples, as well as defines a people through shared cultural norms, rituals and expression. Through music, people tap into their ancestral roots to celebrate life’s cycles, express emotion, create culture, and communicate with spirit. Music allows us to feel and to share those feelings through creating and listening together. Concurrently, adding poetry to music serves as a language that bridges between people who otherwise could have a hard time communicating. Often, people from diverse backgrounds come together through music and poetry and share a common experience, when in the rest of their lives their experience of reality would be dramatically different from one another. MAPS builds these bridges!

MAPS Music is all about:

  • Students learning about writing songs through exploration of melody, rhythm, instrumentation, vocals, arrangement, lyrics, and how to create the desired emotional effect in a musical composition.
  • Students writing songs to the poems provided by the partner poetry school.
  • Students learning how writing songs to poems can help them better understand the English language, rhythm, and verse, and express their deepest feelings. Students learning skills in arranging and performing songs. Middle and high school students working in groups to build cooperation and share ideas.
  • Exploring with other students how best to build the chord structure and melody to most effectively create the proper emotion to support the poem.
  • Learning how to work with students from another school with differing and diverse backgrounds and come together to accomplish a finished work of art together.
  • Learning to have a better understanding of what other students from different backgrounds and geography think about, how they live their lives, and express themselves.
  • Preparing and performing the poems and songs in a professional theater in front of a large audience.
  • Coming together with the poets and share how the music and songs were created in order to express the written word.
"Exploring collaborative songwriting through MAPS has helped me develop creativity, flexibility, and perseverance."
Birdy Newman
"...participating in MAPS was one of the most amazing experiences of my life."
Analua Moreira