Educator, Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Recording Artist, Performer, Activist, Preacher, Comedian, Instigator, Lover, Friend. 2005-present, Teacher of music and history using Community Building and Social Justice as foundational principals; Primary instruments – drums, percussion, guitar, bass, vocals with a side order of keyboards. Performs and records with The Alchemystics (percussion and vocals), Dave Noonan’s Green Island (percussion and vocals), and his own band, TapRoots (all instruments and vocals). His passion for music, history, and activism have united and combined in multiple ways throughout his life and culminated in his teaching career at Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter School (PVPA), where he directs the Rock Ensemble, gives percussion lessons, and teaches history.  While teaching at PVPA, (2005 – present) Matthew has been co-teaching Music and Poetry Synchronized (MAPS).