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Get MAPS in your school

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Start a MAPS program at your school!

MAPS is all about bringing poets and musicians together from different backgrounds and life experiences to write and perform complete songs.

The poetry students spend a semester studying college-level poetry while writing their own poems. These poems are inspired by their “life stories,” derived from real and sometimes difficult life experiences.  They are heartfelt expressions of the joys, struggles, and mysteries of life in the inner city or rural woodland.

The music students spend a semester transforming the poems into full-fledged songs complete with melody, instrumentation, vocals and full arrangements.  This is accomplished with both group and individual instruction. The challenge is writing music that captures the essence of the poems.

MAPS will provide your school with the curriculum and teaching plan to accomplish the MAPS program along with both a day-long primer workshop and monthly teacher support meetings.

Contact Tom Willits, Executive Director of MAPS, to learn how you can start a program in your school.