Emotions..I can show them??

By Day’Nazia Lyn

I grew up not showing emotions
I always thought they made you soft
This was because nobody really showed emotions in my house I know what love is
I just didn’t see it the way others seen it

Growing up in a broken home that was never together is ruff Parents were never together
Didn’t even speak to each other
Not even at court

They acted like they hated each other with a passion
They didn’t though
They just had nothing to say to each other
There was too much hurt and too much things that was said before i was born

I’ve always know my parents weren’t going to get together
But seeing other kids at school talk about how their parents are still married Made me think
But i knew it would never work
I had to be ok with that
I know they won’t
I don’t want them to
I just thought about it when i was little