Educator, Criminologist, Licensed Master Social Worker, Writer, Spoken Word Artist/Performer, Dancer, Painter.  Davinna has held numerous positions in both the private and public sector working with At-Risk/High needs youth through Educational and Arts programming or within schools. Growing up in a tough environment plagued by dysfunction and being born with Sickle cell anemia, she learned how to utilize the Arts to help find her voice and flourish. She currently utilizes the Arts in a therapeutic capacity in order to help the youth she services find their own voices.  She is a trained dancer/choreographer, painter, and soon to be published author. She is an advocate/activist for sickle cell anemia awareness and social justice issues that are faced today. She has performed her spoken word at numerous Art Gallery openings, Nuyorican Cafe, and Street Artist Collective events. Her words have also been read and utilized by pageant contestants, students and doctors around the world. For the past 4 years she has been co-teaching Music and Poetry Synchronized (MAPS).