Alis N. Ramírez
Grade: 12th

Red, blue and white are the colors of her soul,
one that can’t be controlled.
And her fierceness is sole,
unstoppable and can’t be hold.

Africans, Tainos and Spaniards; are the mixture of her children,
who inherited a diversity that can’t be hidden,
and like every child, who abandons their mother,
they leave and seek a better life with wonder.

Pure talent runs through her veins,
and her soul is a party spirit that can’t be retained.
A succulent “bomba & plena” emerge from within,
that will make everyone dance and grin.

All of her is a paradise,
one full of beauty, talent and spice.
She is strong, a soul without chains,
and can face the worst hurricanes.
She is Borinquen.