Borikan Clamor

By Jarelys N. Merle Crespo

Between dreams and illusions, I awaited their arrival,

our decorated homes its traditions celebrated.

Thousands of children prepared their boxes,

Hoping to celebrate Day of the Wisemen.


January 7th, will never be forgotten,

When a strong earthquake, our lives shook.

I heard the roar of your entrails and my heart trembled,

Your soul was beating with deep pain.


That fateful day your beauty was destroyed,

From your coasts, to your green valleys and up to the mountains,

trembled with pain seeing your children suffering with fear.


My eyes filled with tears, seeing so much destruction.

So many shattered villages submerged in terror.

Lives and destinies changed; many left the island.

Today I see your efforts destroyed in seconds.


I ask heaven to console your heart,

I lift my eyes to the sky pleading for compassion.

Thousands of families have lost their illusion,

of providing a loving home for their children.


Oh, Puerto Rico of my soul, how much pain in my brothers!

Today I ask heaven for compassion.

Although the sky shelters them, give them your protection,

that they do not lose hope and fight with courage.


Today people stand up firmly and with love.

We are a united and powerful people,

this fight belongs to everyone, let’s rebuild with love

and help our brothers with the blessing of God.

About the Poet 

Jarelys Nicole Merle Crespo was born on October 11, 2007 in Caguas, Puerto Rico. She is characterized by her dedication and passion in everything she does. She is a nature-lover and is passionate about discovering interesting places on her island. She is proud of being Puerto Rican and loves her country. Her inspiration for this poem was the pain of the people of the southern part of the island, after the terrible outcome of the earthquakes. She experimented the sadness of seeing how the continuous movements of the earth affected her grandparents’ house.