Blood Trinity Island

Wijanys Nicole Feliciano Cabán
Grade: 12

All my life I’ve been oppressed
watching my country fight for freedom.

Heart hurts, heart heals
but my mind is aware
that in the deepest ocean
the real story still remains.

I am a bloody island.
In the past many lives were lost,
but in my veins the Trinity flows,
the pride of being formed through their unity.

I am a great Taino chief
leading a Yucayeque,
teaching how to live,
learning how to survive.

I am a Spanish conquistador.
I chase hearts and destroy souls,
exhibiting my outer beauty,
exhibiting my inner evil.

I was ripped from my Africa
but I am no longer a slave…
I am a fighter, I am proud,
we work, we sacrifice.

That’s my culture…

Feeling the breeze that combs my hair.
Seeing the sun dies to produce the best sunsets.
Hearing when the ocean calls out
and smelling the green grass releases its aroma.

That’s my culture… I am Puerto Rican.