Beast Within!

Johncarlo PĂ©rez Talavera
Grade 12

Forever strong in front of what’s wrong
Endless is my determination, never gone
I will not be broken by another
Because like me there is no other

I can’t be bought, for you have nothing I want
I can’t be hurt, for your words have no worth
Don’t test my patience for I can get wicked
Unlike Mr. Hyde, I can be far more vicious

I stay true to the values taught to me by others
The same which are never seen in others
I am a Taurus, protector of my family
I am the wrathful dragon in deep slumber

You may confuse me for easy prey
The one that never gets away
But by the time you realize your mistake
I wonder who death shall take

It may sound dark but that’s okay
Now you know I’m the hunter and you’re the prey
The one who never goes away
The wolf who always finds his way